Cold Aisle Containment

Lux offers the standard and customization of cold aisle containment solutions that help to reduce the energy consumption by eliminating the mixing of hot and cold air in the data center.

Lux’s cold aisle containment solutions easily adapt to challenges such as limited ceiling height and limited headroom conditions.  The cold aisle containment is designed on modular type and fully compatible with Lux’s standard 37U, 42U, 45U and 47U cabinets in rows based.  Our cold aisle containment is also able to fixed on third parties’ standard cabinets.

Dual sliding door, roof panel and filler panel are the main components to construct the cold aisle containment solutions.  The panel roof system is designed with fail safe feature that work under the fire suppression system and allow for auto flip when triggered by fire alarm system or systems.  Other air-flow management accessories are also available to maximum the cooling and power efficiency of the solutions.

If standard cold aisle containment solutions are not suitable your data center environment.  We also provide the customization based your requirement.


  • Modular design allows expansion
  • Additional mounting or fixing kits not required
  • Easy and fast deployment
  • Fail safe design for roof system
  • Available on automatic or manual dual sliding door
  • Eliminates hot spots

Product Specification

Cold Aisle Containment Leaflet