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There has been a gap between the most commonly seen standard products supplied by majority companies and the specialized or custom solutions developed to accomplish specific customer wants. The gap is created by a mismatch between the diversity of customer requirements and economies of scale of production in the industry. Apparently, those unique requirements that can only be completely satisfied by a custom solution. Nevertheless, most companies are keen on targeting large homogeneous markets in order to maximize revenues and minimize development costs, essentially treating their customers as if they are identical. The gap could be a serious problem and we consider this is also an opportunity for Lux.

With over decade experiences in cabling industry, Lux fully understands the gap mentioned above and therefore, we offer customization flexibility to our valuable customers. With our professional engineering team, we offer custom solution development, product is built to order, our engineering team work closely with the customer's requirements & expectation. The custom solution satisfies our customer unique and proprietary requirements, enabling the customer to differentiate itself from competitors in the hope of achieving competitive advantage.

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