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Data centers nowadays are developing at their breakneck pace, not only technology-wise but also strategic-wise. Data centers' growing role in all commerce is spawning new business models, allowing enterprises to leverage cloud architectures, embrace low-latency edge computing, achieve 400G bandwidth, and much more.

Lux is dedicated to providing advanced data center solutions that transform data center disruption into a business opportunity. Our comprehensive portfolios of fiber and copper structured cabling comprise a network infrastructure that improves the delivery of new applications while lowering the cost of upgrades.

Why Lux Data Center Solution?

Every data center has a unique set of network priorities, from consolidation and cost control to quick deployment and zero downtime. You can count on Lux to ensure your data center’s infrastructure meets your specific requirements. We have experience serving all types of customers with our experienced staff. We also provide a warranty program when installed and tested by a Lux Certified installer.

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