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FTTx Network

Lux FTTx solutions are designed to support the most complex FTTx networks today and in the future, assisting you in achieving optimal performance from networks and services. The integration of precision, intelligence, and flexibility of our fiber drop to lower the associated costs of activation, installation, and troubleshooting of fiber-enabled FTTx services.

What is FTTx?

Fiber to the “x” (FTTx) is a collective term used to describe a wide range of broadband network architecture options utilizing optical fiber for some or all their last-mile connectivity. With “x” representing the fiber termination point, FTTx technology encompasses optical fiber deployments such as FTTH (Fiber to the home), FTTA(Fiber to the antenna), FTTB(Fiber to the building), and FTTC(Fiber to the curb).

FTTx networks bring the combined advantages of higher transmission rates and lower energy consumption. Moving optical fiber closer to the user allows the latest construction, connection, and transmission techniques to be leveraged to their fullest extent and diminishes the bottleneck potential of conventional coax. To make this feasible, skillful planning and execution must propagate all lifecycle phases.

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